Seductive! Sticky! Viral! What Kind Of Words Are These To Advertise Your Product?

Google AnalyticsA surprising 95% of all businesses in the UK have fewer than 10 employees. These 5 million freelancers and micro-businesses all have one thing in common: they need to advertise. But, they rarely have any advertising or marketing skills in-house and are in the dark when it comes to knowing what works.

Let’s go a bit further. Even traditional advertising agencies don’t know what actually works. It is usually more serendipity than know-how. What chance has the little guy, especially when they dip into their pockets and pay an agency.

Research over the past 35 years could have revolutionised the way we do business, but it has not. Welcome to the Real world. We are here to to show you, completely free, ideas that could potentially revitalise your advertising and marketing and get your business growing faster.

AIDA Is Dead But Zombie Ads Survive

No-More-Zombie-PicRemember the old sales and marketing acronym … Attention   Interest   Desire   Action.

AIDA may finally have been put to rest after being the hit and miss mantra of several generations of marketing executives. But, the television advertising that still tries to grab your attention by being thrust in your face still survives. These zombie short flicks still make plenty of money for their creators but rarely their sponsors.

Now they are invading YouTube Channels and spreading the wrong kind of infection. We believe we have identified a few truths that lurk behind the smoke and mirrors of modern advertising.

If you have been having trouble generating new business or penetrating a  new market, then we may be able to suggest a completely new approach, based on some of the latest research into the psychology behind your customers decisions to buy.

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Persuasion (Cialdini)

  • Reciprocity
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Scarcity
  • Commitment/Consistency
  • Liking

Contagion (Berger)

  • Social Currency
  • Triggers
  • Emotional Response
  • Public Exposure
  • Practical Value
  • Stories – Embedded Messages

Stickiness (Heath Bros.)

  • Simple – Compact Core Message
  • Unexpected – Pay Attention
  • Concrete – Understand & Remember
  • Credible – Agree & Believe
  • Emotional – Care
  • Stories – Take Action

Tipping Points (Gladwell)


  • A small number of people start the infection
  • A small change has a big effect – tipping point
  • The infection spreads rapidly


Creative Ads (Goldenberg, Mazursky, Solomon)

  • Interactive Experiment
  • Consequences Of Events
  • Extreme Situation
  • Picture Analogy
  • Altered Dimension
  • Competition (Challenge)

Subconscious Seduction

  • TV viewing – pre-recorded, fast forward through ads. Films watched on DVD. The internet.
  • Brand preference overrides quality or study of product attributes
  • Hyperchoice – people take decision shortcuts – intuition.
  • Relaxing and vegging in front of the TV – ads condition people with subconscious associations
  • Brands subconsciously manipulate your relationship with them.

Idea Diffusion Curve (Geoff Moore)


  • Innovators (2.5%)
  • Early Adopters (13.5%)
  • Early Majority (34%)
  • Late Majority (34%)
  • Laggards (16%)

Optimarketing (Robert Rosenthal )

  • Run emotional ideas
  • Highlight your flaws
  • Reposition your competition
  • Promote exclusivity
  • Introduce fear, uncertainty, and doubt